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Creating impact through thought leadership events and leveraging influencer networks

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Vic Baldorino

Vic Baldorino, Updata Co-Founder and Executive Director

Our client, Updata Infrastructure, is a key player in the emerging Public Service Networks (PSN) marketplace, providing fast broadband networks optimised to meet public sector needs, meaning that schools, hospitals and public buildings, for example, are on the same, secure, reliable connection.

The Government recently unveiled a national PSN strategy, but many local authorities and county councils have already forged ahead and taken the chance to upgrade and connect with PSN-ready regional networks, an issue that Mantis has helped Updata lead in the trade press with its customer announcement campaign.

However, there are many barriers to such a major national change, and Mantis saw an opportunity for Updata to lead a debate on how PSNs will affect different public areas, particularly the health service.

We organised a roundtable debate in London, chaired by Georgina O’Toole from TechMarketView and hosted by Updata founders Richard Bennett and Vic Baldorino. Mantis invited some of our key contacts in local and central government including SOCITM and the Cabinet Office, plus Updata customers, and journalists.

Because Mantis focuses on supporting IT companies, both product and service providers, selling into the public sector, we are better placed than most agencies to be able to bring together such an authoritative group of stakeholders.


The debate began with informal networking. It also included a chance for the journalists to talk one on one with the participants afterwards. This helped generate one new customer lead for one of our other clients with an attending local authority, and further meetings for Updata with public sector team leaders by referral

Two journalists attended, Mark Say from Guardian Government Computing, whose report on the event has generated much further on and offline conversation. Nicola Brittain from Computing also wrote up the story, bringing this public sector issue to the more mainstream IT audience.

Where questions were raised which couldn’t be answered by attendees, Mantis approached other relevant contacts for their opinions and answers after the event, which we have turned into a series of contributed articles which provide a fuller picture of the PSN debate

By spreading word on the debate using the Mantis and Updata Twitter and blog resources, we generated further interest.

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