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Demonstrating HPC thought-leadership

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OCF blog

The OCF blog is forming part of a wider PR approach

OCF has been a Mantis client for five years, since November 2006. A traditional PR campaign has helped it establish a real reputation within its field; as a high performance server & storage cluster integrator, cluster services & support team, and Compute on Demand provider.

In early 2010 we launched a blog for OCF. Built using the WordPress platform, it is completely separate to its corporate website and serves as an online resource, news centre and issues platform for high performance data processing, data storage and data management.

The blog is positioned as a place where OCF authors – a mix of technical, business development, sales and marketing staff – can give their opinion on stories affecting the industry, particularly things affecting their customers and partners. To encourage visitors and to strengthen OCF’s standing, the blog also includes three guest authors, Dr Lydia Heck from Durham University, Dr Orlando Richards from the University of Edinburgh and OCF’s trusted partner, Mellanox. We are actively working on increasing the number of guest authors.

As an open and transparent information source, our objective with the blog was to further strengthen the OCF’s standing as a thought-leader, and give its staff an online, social platform for communication with their audiences.

We work with OCF’s marketing lead and directly with OCF’s spokespeople to research, draft, edit and post items on the blog. Content is often re-used in OCF’s wider media campaign. The blog works in conjunction with OCF’s Twitter feed (also managed by Mantis), with new posts on the blog being highlighted to the company’s 377 Twitter followers regularly. OCF’s employees also share content regularly via their own LinkedIN accounts.


  • Mantis has written, approved and sent live 42 blog posts in the past 21 months [roughly 2 per month]. Each post demonstrates OCF’s insight and intelligence on industry issues and best practice examples; occasionally we blend-in corporate / company updates
  • Content is focussed on HPC, storage, HPC cloud, GPUs and green IT, which matches with OCF’s core areas and individual spokespeople’s area of expertise
  • Working with Mantis, 10 authors post regularly, including two customer industry experts and one partner recruited by Mantis; positive competition exists between authors to contribute
  • The blog is succeeding:
    • Over the past 21-months, unique visitors average 180 per month; unique page views are around 380 average per month
    • During 2012, visitors were a mix of
      • Customers / prospects including: universities of Durham, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Bath, Warwick, Central Lancs, Kingston, Oxford, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Hull, East Anglia, Aston; Kings College London; the NHS; Atomic Weapons Establishment; Engys and Jaguar Land-Rover
      • Partners including: Altair Engineering, IBM, Redwood Software, Xyratex, and Fujitsu
      • Media including: InsideHPC, SConline, Data Centre Dynamics Focus
    • The blog averages around 10 shares of content on Twitter / LinkedIN per month [visitors clicking share buttons], but in the last full quarter [Oct-Dec-2012] this average has increased to 22 shares per month
    •  The blog’s record is 43 shares of content onto Twitter / LinkedIN in a single month [Jan-13]
    • The record for shares of a single post onto Twitter / LinkedIN stands at 22 [set Nov-12]
  • Journalists are reading the blog and using it as inspiration for stories. One post on the OCF blog post was recently referenced and “linked” on the industry leading news site, InsideHPC. This ensured that, that specific post received 80 views within a single month, confirming OCF’s position as a thought-leader
  • The blog is forming part of a wider PR approach; opinion from business development manager Jerry Dixon on cloud pricing has been published on the blog, re-tweeted / shared on LinkedIN 12 times and published on the media sites BusinesCloud9 and SConline. Equally managing director Julian Fielden’s opinion on’ HPC over the past 10 years’ was published on the blog, re-tweeted / shared on LinkedIN, and published in Business Computing World
  • The blog is built as an independent platform, separate to the OCF website. Over the 21-months it has been live, the blog has contributed 157 referrals to the OCF corporate site – around 7 per month.
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