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A healthy relationship – agency, client and CUSTOMER

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Here at Mantis we are a tad modest; quietly getting on with our jobs and trying to ensure that we constantly deliver above expectations of our clients. However, it is not just our clients that we are trying to please.

We are a specialist public sector tech agency and, for those in the know, the public sector often gets a hard time when it comes to tech projects they are involved with or have been involved with. That is why it is absolutely paramount that when a tech project goes well, we work side by side with our clients’ and their own customers to ensure maximum exposure.

Quality written materials are just one thing in the recipe for success. You need a great degree of trust between agency and the client’s customer to guarantee their support in any influencer outreach. And of course, you need to have your finger on the pulse of what is interesting and not interesting to the particular media you might be targeting.

Get all of those things right, then you have the recipe for a successful media outreach programme. That’s exactly what team BridgeHead did with its customer Galway Clinic. We had a solid briefing call with Galway’s CIO; identified the issue at the heart of the story quickly and drafted compelling content.

That briefing process and the quality of written content built trust between us and the customer. Multiple media interviews later and 14 individual pieces of coverage – including tier one targets Computer Weekly, Digital Health and Aunt Minnie – Galway is blown away by the results, direct from the CIO’s mount: Thanks a million for your help with everything….

But, we like to go a step further and capture and measure how we work with customers so we can identify room for improvement. Trouble is – sometimes there is little room to improve! Big hats off to team BridgeHead, you are all amazing, conscientious and work incredibly hard.

Please rate how Mantis worked with you on your recent project

  • Scheduling a briefing call – Good
  • Understanding your points, asking relevant questions – Good
  • Quality of written materials – Amazing
  • Approvals process of written content – Good
  • Handling of media interviews – Amazing
  • Quality of final press coverage – Amazing
  • Relevance/applicability of the media title where coverage was secured – Amazing
  • Communicating progress – Good
  • Overall experience of Mantis – Amazing
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