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A touching point as Dynamics CRM underpins Town & Country’s strategic vision

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Town & Country Housing Group today announced it has selected public sector CRM specialist Optevia to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM configured alongside Optevia’s Social Housing Essentials to increase the visibility of services customers require and improve the quality of interactions with customers.


Dynamics CRM from Optevia is expected to increase customer satisfaction and resolve 80% of customer enquiries at first point of contact, thereby reducing the contact centres call transfer rate by 20%.


In the near future, Dynamics CRM and Optevia Social Housing Essentials will be rolled out to support self-service across mobile and the web helping to reduce in bound calls.


Town & Country Housing, which is based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, provides more than 9,000 homes and works with 22 local authorities. In 2013, the association launched its Touchpoint customer improvement programme – an initiative to provide the right tools for its staff to deliver a seamless integrated service to its customers.


Jamie Barker, Project Manager: “Our current system focuses on property and not the customer, and we wanted to reverse that relationship so that everything we do is about our customers. Today, customers are often passed between departments across different processes and systems –this can cause bottlenecks and delay in dealing with customer enquiries.


There is a lack of data consistency and integration resulting in an inconsistent approach to how we deal with procedures and enquiries. Dynamics CRM from Optevia is going to help us address that by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do as an organisation.”


Dynamics CRM from Optevia will provide a more joined up service that is proactive rather than reactive. It will help Town & Country better understand the needs of its customers and deliver against those needs – putting the customer first. Dynamics CRM will collect, sort and integrate all customer data to provide a complete, single and accurate view of each customer to ensure consistent end-to-end delivery of a seamless service.

Steve Lyon, divisional director at Optevia comments: “Town & Country is yet another Social Housing Provider to realise the benefits of Dynamics CRM as a platform to enable transformation. We look forward to working alongside Town & Country and help them ensure the success of their Touchpoint programme.”



About Optevia Social Housing Essentials

A number of features designed for Social Housing organisations enhance the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Contact Centre Portal – designed with Contact Centre workers in mind the portal allows organisations to custom adapt screens, mixing a variety of search facilities, messages, updates and graphics.
  • Workflow Library – Each implementation of MS Dynamics CRM completely reflects the business processes and contact scripts / routes of that organisation and deploying the Optevia workflow templates will help to enable early project stages and skill curves. Examples include many relating to people and estate management, complaints, ASB and case management
  • Stakeholder Relationship – Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a total business solution for Housing organisations and the Optevia SRM (Stakeholder Relationship Management) solution will optimise all communications and activities with people and organisations including Board and executive, Local Authorities, development partners, other Associations and suppliers



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