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Attitudes to bespoke software development in the public sector

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Last month we surveyed 50 end users from across the public sector to assess their attitudes to bespoke software development. For your free copy of the report, please submit your details here:

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It includes some great insight from the leading public sector technology analyst company, Kable Business Intelligence. Jessica Figueras, Chief Analyst, Kable comments:

“Although it’s generally agreed that off-the-shelf software is often cheaper in the long run, it’s completely unrealistic to expect the public sector to reject bespoke software development. Public sector bodies do many different things, and are increasingly trying to innovate. Commodity software isn’t always available, and large and complex organisations will always have unique integration needs.”

Jessica concludes by saying: The question is not whether there should be bespoke software ….but how organisations should go about it building it.  There is lots of lively debate. For example, should the work be done in-house? Is there sufficient skill and capacity to build the system today, and maintain it in future? If not, which supplier or suppliers could help?

So, if you are selling bespoke services and solutions into the public sector, it might well include some golden snippets of information that might make your job just that little bit easier!


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