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Being a case study for an IT vendor

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Last Friday Mantis PR was given a guest post opportunity on Public Sector comms blog Comms2point0

It’s run by two great exponents of communications in the Public Sector, Dan Slee and Darren Caveney, who are based in the West Midlands. It’s well worth checking out and subscribing to the RSS feed, there’s a lot of healthy debate and best practice writing on getting ahead in our sector’s PR practices and methodologies. I also like it for balanced views on the usefulness of various social media tools. 

Our post was about becoming a vendor case study, and how it can be much more productive for your PR results than you might think. Trying to arrange case studies can be the trickiest part of our role as vendor PRs, but when it happens, it’s always worthwhile for both parties. Check out the post and give us your views. And apologies if your name is actually Jeff. 

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