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Blogging with Mantis

A blog, your own company blog, is a single online platform appropriate for all of your spokespeople.

  • Your company owns it, branded, as you want it
  • Your team [with help] from Mantis can create and control the content
  • Your team can share their thoughts as often or as little as they like
  • Most importantly, they can use your blog to interact and engage with your important audiences

Bringing it to life

First, as a team, we need to identify potential spokespeople to become ‘authors’ from within your organisation. It could be one person if your company size dictates that, but ideally we want multiple authors. This enables us to create ‘areas’ of expertise – a technology author, an industry author, a procurement author, for example. This also enables us to ensure that each author has a genuine interest in the subject matter. We can’t shoehorn opinion onto authors! Naturally, multiple authors also helps to create an image of company-wide expertise.

Second, we need to kick-start the process for creating useful content. Our morning news service is often a good place to look for inspiration. We can contact your authors for opinions on news stories as they are published. We can share research, industry developments, Government policy, partner product launches, etc. Content can also come from existing PR content – opinion articles, whitepapers, etc. which we can re-purpose. The list of content drivers is really endless. We do strongly recommend avoiding over-use of content related to your own successes – new products, customers, staff appointments, etc. Intermittently is acceptable, but over use can dilute your opinion platform.

Third, creating the content can be handled in two ways. We can take a brief from your authors and send through for approvals. This enables the ultimate control and management of content. It also reduces burden on your authors. Alternatively, your authors can create content themselves and we can edit accordingly. This is more likely to allow personality and individual characteristics of the author to shine through and can create a more interesting read.

On behalf of our existing clients we generally work to an average of 2-3 blog posts sent live per month. Obviously this can increase or decrease depending on your authors’ availability and their workload. No posts in a month, your blog will die, it needs regular content. We have never posted more than four times in one month / once per week. Our belief is that over posting has a similar effect to not posting at all.

Set up

We recommend designing and building your blog on WordPress. It has an excellent portfolio of design templates to choose from – all free – and available for customisation and branding. WordPress has super CMS functionality enabling easy management of content, authors, site indexing, etc. It has a vast library of free third-party plugins to provide additional features on the blog, for example content sharing tools, YouTube content, contact forms, Google analytics, SEO tools, etc.

We normally outsource the design, initial build and server installation of your blog to a third party. We do not have those skills in-house. It can be hosted independently [we recommended Evo Hosting] or alternatively, we are happy to support the integration of WordPress into your own website.

WordPress is designed for self-creation, so we’re also happy to support you build / install the WordPress  platform yourself.

Management and maintenance

Once your blog is live, we can take control for you. We can add new blog content. We can add links to help SEO, we can assign / un-assign new authors as you desire. We can make recommendations and add new functionality – share buttons, YouTube integrations, etc. If necessary, we can upgrade plugins and the WordPress platform itself. We can also work with your internal web development team and provide support as they carry out this role.

To discuss your specific requirements, please contact a member of the Mantis Public Relations team – either Gavin Loader, Eleanor Willock or Toby Gavin on 0845 299 0684 or email info at