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Briefing paper: The Case for an Evidenced-Based Approach for the Education Technology Market

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Briefing paper: Evidenced-Based Approach for the Education Technology Market
Authored by Richard Hadfield

18th March 2013

Imagine a world where education practitioners can quickly and easily evaluate the effectiveness of technology they are already using, see how to improve the use and impact of that technology, make informed judgements about technology investments for pedagogic or other improvements and assimilate the views of researchers and fellow practitioners across all of these areas and also within the bounds of their teaching or subject areas.

Such a world could also benefit suppliers. New entrants can more easily develop and launch products and solutions that are fit for purpose. Existing suppliers would prove the usefulness of their wares in terms of educational outcomes. I’d imagine this world would be of interest? It exists in pockets now.

This paper explores these concepts in further detail and provides some powerful context and pointers for suppliers and the sector to consider for the future.

“The core point, at the heart of this paper, is to encourage suppliers to ensure that they can prove to their clients (whether a school, college, university or other institution) that their product and/solution (whether new or established) will deliver improved outcomes.”

About the author
Richard lives and breathes education ICT. Currently managing director of his own strategic consulting firm, Richard continues to win, design and deliver ICT and consulting projects that benefit the entire education ecosystem – teaching and lecturing staff, pupils & young people, administrators and Government.

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