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Computer Weekly’s Hot IT Influencer list, the UKTech50, out today

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I think Computer Weekly can be proud of this list. I think it’s well judged, with each listed influencer getting a chunky, not very PR-spun write up on the strength of their influence.

It’s great to see two big UK business leaders such as Mike Lynch and Warren East take the number one and two spots. These aren’t just techy success stories – these men lead big British businesses to be proud of. But of course, we at Mantis are very interested in who CW and the panel of judges think is influential in public sector IT.

Five out of the top ten listed are focused on public projects, including the Olympics. The strong focus on Government spend on IT, makes this no big surprise. However, Katie Davis, the interim CIO of the NHS, should perhaps be further up the list than number 23. The NHS has big changes to contemplate and manage. Although any Olympic failings caused by technology, such as ticketing problems or security failures, will no doubt blister the goodwill bubble come the Games themselves, the functionality and availability of care and attention from the health service will be a bigger issue for the average citizen.

 It’s also good to see influential people at local government level being recognised, for example, Glyn Evans, for his business change work at Birmingham City Council. Our second city is blazing a huge trail in terms of public sector change and the way it uses technology, so this is well deserved.

All in all, just under half of those included are public sector focused, which is very encouraging indeed.  

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