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Cybercrime and punishment debate – the fractured investigations that let criminals escape

Cyber crime and punishmentManaged IT services firm Networks First is hosting a roundtable debate to help develop an industry consensus on how businesses, law enforcement and Government can work together to tackle cyber crime at both national and international levels.

Security is a complicated issue with many different parties involved, all of whom need to work cohesively to combat the cyber criminal threat.

BIS Information Security Breaches Survey

ESSENTIAL READING: According to the 2014 Information Security Breaches Survey, commissioning by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, The number of security breaches affecting UK businesses decreased slightly in comparison to last year. However, there has been a significant rise in the cost of individual breaches. The overall cost of security breaches for all type of organisations has increased.

Discussions will revolve around:

  • Breach detection and containment – What businesses need to know to limit the damage of a data breach. How should information flow be managed, and by whom?
  • Cyber criminal investigations – how cross border cooperation and information sharing between law enforcement and businesses is vital in investigations.
  • Who is responsible? – With so many layers to cyber security there is often confusion as to where the responsibility lies in digital criminal investigations–does Government or Law Enforcement lead it?  What role should technology vendors play?
  • Protecting the end user – How managed security services can benefit smaller companies and the government initiatives to support security learning in businesses.
  • What is media’s role – in potential communication and public perception of the cybercrime threat?

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