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Demonstrating that Power Management is a Business Essential

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energy managementPC power management technology manages the power used by PCs – driving down costs associated with wasted energy consumption, reducing carbon emissions and increasing working-day productivity. The market has a riot of willing suppliers – start-ups, established players and global IT firms, the latter entering the market through acquisition. Between 2010 and 2013, Dell acquired KACE, IBM acquired Bix Fix [recently re-branded Tivoli Endpoint Manager] CA launched eco-Desktop and Cisco acquired Joulex. Company differentiation, demonstration of product innovation and rolling research and development is key to the success of any supplier in the industry.

At a higher level, convincing prospective buyers of the potential benefits of PC power management – “often viewed as too good to be true” – is an on-going battle. Equally, moving power management technology into the reputable position of ‘cost savings generator’ not just ‘eco box ticker’ is a hurdle for all suppliers.


In early 2013, Verismic tasked Mantis with boosting its profile in the UK. Verismic needed to BE SEEN – seen by the RIGHT PEOPLE. This would mean securing coverage for Verismic in the media read by IT leaders keen to make cost-savings quickly. Verismic also needed prospective buyers to understand the true benefits of power management, cutting through the common misperceptions, and DEMONSTRATING TRUE COST-SAVINGS. It also needed to be made evident that power management was not a ‘gimmick’ or ‘a nice to have’.


The Mantis team working with Verismic’s CEO and US-based marketing manager wrote messages that would resonate with customers. These six messages were based around Verismic’s ability to reduce costs, simplify the management of IT, provide reliable technology, innovate and understand customers’ challenges. The Mantis team met with the Verismic team in the UK to obtain proof-points to support each message. Mantis also produced a messaging book containing both messages and proof-points, which could be printed and carried with staff at all times.

All of the content produced by the Mantis team during the six-month campaign included one or more messages. Half of the media articles secured included at least one message. The top achievement was an opinion article, authored to the CEO and published in European Oil and Gas magazine, which used Verismic’s lead message “Manage Your Environment” as the headline for the article.

Media outputs


  • The Mantis team delivered 16 press articles during the 6-month campaign
  • In terms of volume, this placed Verismic ahead of 12 other competitors [the most successful of which achieved just 2 press articles in the same period].
  • Overall, Verismic was second only to Cisco which secured 18 media articles after shocking the market with the acquisition of little known Joulex.

The media coverage for Verismic was a mix of thought-leadership aimed at educating IT managers of the benefits of using power management technology and customer references aimed at proving the benefits of using power management technology.

  • To underpin all of the tactical activities, Mantis recommended undertaking a survey of IT managers to pinpoint exactly which technologies and processes they believed would deliver the best cost-savings now and in the future. The Mantis team used its own database of IT buyers and managed the survey distribution. A significant proportion of the respondents came from the education sector, so the Mantis team used Richard Hadfield, education expert from the Mantis Advisory Panel, to analyse the results and provide an independent view on the strongest angle. Having the survey data enabled the delivery of:
    • A cost-savings report and analysis for the Verismic team
    • 3 dedicated media articles, including and references to the survey results in an additional 4 media articles and 1 rapid response to a blog
    • The Verismic marketing manager was able to use the survey results to support the development of an infographic, a blog post and wider on-going marketing collateral
  • The team over-achieved, delivering 8 dedicated customer reference news articles and customer references in a further 5 articles, a total of 13 references [650 per cent of the planned target]. All customer references included clear proof of cost-savings and return on investment.
  • The team delivered 4 opinion based media articles including a unique question and answer profile on Business Computing World, and dedicated opinion articles on Green Computing Report and European Oil and Gas.

Impact on the business

“The Mantis team has helped to boost our profile during the last six months using media coverage to great effect,” says Heidi Smith, marketing manager, Verismic. “The team is also doing a great job at tackling the industry wide misperceptions about the benefits of PC power management. We can see the benefit of their work and that’s why we continue to work with the team.”

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