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Feedback from our clients’ customers

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collective measureAfter every project with the customers of our clients, such as NHS trusts, local authorities, schools, etc. we like to get their feedback on the experience. Sometimes our time with them is only short – to develop an announcement or specific article – and other times we get to work together over many months promoting an ongoing project.

We ask each customer to rate us either amazing [worth 5 points], good [4 points], just okay [3], poor [2] or terrible [1] against a whole range of activities from taking a brief, writing content, securing approvals to securing press coverage. After 10 surveys, we’ve already scored 299 points with a mix of amazing and good and not a single poor or terrible on the board!

And, here’s some of the great comments we’ve been given:

Always appreciate the personal touch shown by Mantis.

Great quality of work….took the time to understand the project.

It is a pleasure to work with Mantis.

I liked the re-working of the interview to give a different view point to mine… and when it had to be precis’ed that was done well.

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