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Gavin Loader

Gavin Loader, managing director

Gavin Loader, managing director 

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Gavin is joint managing director of Mantis. He is responsible for bringing together the senior team of PR professionals that will support your business.

Gavin built the Mantis Advisory Panel – a collection of industry experts – which are available to provide you with essential business development, market development and marketing level intelligence.

Gavin also developed the Mantis Perception Audit and Mantis Market Awareness Survey to measure the true business value of the PR campaigns that we deliver for you.


  • Delivering true public relations services to support ICT companies selling to the public sector
  • Creating and delivering products and services, which can help you more quickly understand your challenges, messages, storylines, perception and profile.
  • Ensuring you are well supported by partners and customer references.
  • Driving creativity through all PR campaigns

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