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HP most prominent ICT supplier to public sector

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We carried out a ‘verbal’, qualitative survey recently – backed up by a few quantitative surveys. We asked a total of 22 ICT individuals who they thought was the most prominent supplier of ICT to public sector. Admittedly, that is only a small survey base hence we haven’t really promoted the results far and wide. However, we thought they would make useful talking points nonetheless. 

Specifically, the breakdown of respondents was 54 per cent worked in local government, 22 per cent education, 13 per cent emergency services and 9 per cent healthcare. Obviously, you’ll need to factor in the sector split and percentages when reviewing the results below.  

Most prominent supplier

HP (28 per cent) was the most prominent; it edged out Microsoft (22 per cent) and Dell (11 per cent). Other names mentioned included Tribal, Insight UK and EDS. That HP was most prominent was a real surprise to us. We produce a newsletter every month, which collates contract win news from the public sector and, since March 2010 (18 months of running the newsletter) we have only found one reference to a win for HP (at Barnet Enfield and Haringey Mental Health Trust). They did also get signed to the “Assistive technologies framework” with Buying Solutions in August 2010. HP must be signing a lot of deals and making a lot of noise behind the scenes!

Technology breakdown

We then asked the respondents the same question in relation to specific technologies, e.g. which supplier is the most prominent supplier of PCs? We haven’t listed all of the supplier names / answers, because the percentages are so small, but the main ‘winners’ are:

  • Applications – Microsoft (32 per cent), Northgate (11 per cent), and Oracle (11 per cent)
  • Cloud – Don’t know (47 per cent), Google (27 per cent) and Microsoft (13 per cent)
  • Mobile – Virgin (33 per cent), o2 (20 per cent) and Orange (20 per cent)
  • Operating System – Microsoft (77 per cent)
  • PCs – HP (39 per cent), Dell (33 per cent), Lenovo (6 per cent), Viglan (6 per cent) and Misco (6 per cent)
  • Security – Mcafee (21 per cent) and Sophos (14 per cent)
  • Servers – HP (41 per cent), Dell (12 per cent) and IBM (12 per cent)
  • Storage – HP (31 per cent), NetApp (12.5 per cent) IBM (12.5 per cent
  • Telecoms – BT (46 per cent)
  • Virtualisation – VMware (35 per cent), HP (12 per cent) and Microsoft (12 per cent)

One of the most interesting answers here was that 47 per cent of people couldn’t name, or identify the most prominent supplier of cloud services (a symptom of being a new technology perhaps?).  

Please do remember the survey base is small. We also haven’t mentioned all of the supplier names put forward by respondents (simply because the percentages were so small). All the same, we would still very much welcome your thoughts and comments on the results.

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