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Kent Fire and Rescue Service remodels business Premises Risk Management system with Optevia

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Press coverage highlights from story:

Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) has extended its technology services relationship with public sector Dynamics CRM reseller and integrator Optevia Ltd, with the development of an integrated Premises Risk Management (PRM) system. Technical fire safety officers and operations teams will have access to the same information using the PRM, built on a customised Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, ensuring that Kent’s business premises owners and tenants are checked, certified, and aware of specific fire safety regulations and risks that affect their businesses.

The new Microsoft CRM by Optevia will replace two legacy systems that offered limited scope to connect and share pertinent information between them and, in turn, fire officers on the ground. The new system will enable workflow, the collection of key on-premise data during inspections, and data routing. It ensures that each premises in Kent (commercial or residential) has one single record with the fire service, simplifying communications and streamlining processes.

38,000 existing premises records on the technical fire safety team’s database are to be available to the operations team, cutting risk of duplication, and ensuring that critical issues and regulatory compliance red flags will be less likely to be overlooked. All of Kent Fire and Rescue staff will have access to the system, which will be tailored to suit their role.

The data will be used to populate mobile terminals in KFRS’ vehicles and fire appliances to ensure they have a complete profile of a situation when attending call outs, enabling them to assess risk issues and plan accordingly.

Optevia and Kent Fire and Rescue Service have also signed a new three-year support and services contract, ensuring that Optevia will be part of the growth of the new system at Kent and provide it with dedicated support.

Jon Chapman, Community Safety Development Manager, at KFRS commented: “The new system from Optevia marks an end to our previously siloed approach to premises information recording. Before, two streams of data that should have been closely linked were recorded separately, resulting in an incomplete picture of each premises we deal with. Our teams spent too much time chasing vital information around the organisation. Now they can update the same system with jointly useful information, which gets to the teams on the ground instantly.

After the great experiences we’ve had in our Home Safety Visit service with Optevia’s CRM solutions and the workflow differences it has made, we wanted to replicate it with a new PRM system that gave us the same level of flexibility. We can add data on the fly and customise the system to change the way the data behaves, which will improve the experiences of our own teams as well as the individuals within the communities we serve.”

Tim Vernon, managing partner at Optevia commented, “Combining two disparate systems into one CRM solution for Kent Fire and Rescue Service has been a pleasure. Optevia has worked with the Kent Fire and Rescue Service team for a number of years, and we see this development as a second phase to a long-term change project. Every piece of information counts when fire safety staff are attempting to inspect, certify, or even save a building and its occupants from fire. The availability of all the data from one source is an important leap forward for the effectiveness of the Service itself – money, resources, and hopefully lives will be saved.”

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