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Mantis Discovery Exercise

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Discovery Exercise

The Mantis Discovery Exercise helps an organisation to broadly identify its PR needs, create the PR brief; identify strong spokespeople, themes for news stories and issues; and create a new tailored activity timeline to complement a PR plan. If undertaken as part of an ongoing campaign with Mantis, the Exercise also helps us to ‘get under the skin of a client’ and become part of your team quickly. It ensures that as your PR team, from day one, we have a complete view of the Company’s activities and we can hit the ground running.

Meet the people that make your business tick

We first aim to meet your spokespeople to listen, learn and understand what your team believe are good angles for news and issues based content. It’s an open and honest discussion where we take the role of ‘interviewer’, getting information that will help us formulate our PR campaign, within the boundaries of confidentiality. We can cross-reference what we are told against what we know the media are interested in at that time. We normally arrive at your office as a team of two or three and work through the first day interviewing and meeting your team. This stage can also help us establish suitability, or otherwise, of the individual to act as a spokesperson for the media. We can also see how closely potential spokespeople understand the company’s USPs, products and services offered.

Developing a pipeline

Once our interview stage is complete, we build a matrix of potential themes for news and issues based stories that will compliment an ongoing PR programme. Mantis aims to identify enough content to populate a six-month PR programme as a minimum. The matrix of content is prioritised and calendared based on your strategic priorities and our view of topics of interest to the media at that time.


On the third day, we meet up with your marketing and management team to share the matrix, discuss potential stories and angles. We’ll also come armed with a synopsis for two or three of the stories that we think will be useable immediately.

The Mantis Discovery Exercise takes around three days to complete [including meeting people in your office, collating stories and writing synopsis]. For retained clients, we recommend repeating the exercise every year. In the past 6-months we have completed The Mantis Discovery Exercise for clients including BridgeHead Software and Stone Computers.

The Mantis Discovery Exercise complements the development of a six-month PR programme that supports the business and marketing objectives; sets out key differentiators and USPs; includes an overview of appropriate spokespeople and content; and includes a full overview of which media will be targeted to secure media coverage.


The Mantis Discovery Exercise is priced at £2,500.00 (exc. VAT). To discuss your requirements with the team, please contact a member of the Mantis Public Relations team – either Gavin Loader, Eleanor Willock or Toby Gavin on 0845 299 0684 or email info at

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