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Mantis Media Training

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Media Training

The Mantis Media Training course is designed to help you and your team understand the media landscape, and the pressures that journalists are facing. It will explain the changes in journalist skills and knowledge, as the ‘techies’ of yester-year are reborn as business-savvy led writers. Your team will need to adjust its approach accordingly and we can help you do it.

Your team will also get to experience media interviews – face to face and telephone – so that they understand the scheduling process, so that they feel more confident speaking to journalists and so that they understand our role in supporting them. Senior members of the Mantis team will guide your team systematically through the interview techniques necessary to refine skills and whip them into a polished and professional team that can deliver messages during even the shortest of interviews.

What you need to know

The media industry is changing rapidly – traditional monthly and weekly print magazines have dropped out of the race to deliver ‘news’ ahead of online news sites. In the place of news, they are writing analysis and opinion – reviews of the news carried elsewhere on other sites. They are launching page-turning digital magazines to reduce or remove print costs. Print does make a profit though, so it isn’t gone for good. Online news sites are now getting a taste of their own medicine with Twitter users breaking news first – albeit unsubstantiated in some cases. The pressure is now growing for online news sites to re-invent too, and find new, interesting content for readers.

Separating fact from fiction and gossip from truth is the key; irrespective of publishing medium, the media has an important role to play in presenting un-biased content, but they have to do it quick, really quick; succinctly and with no margin for error. The media industry just got turbo charged!


Led by two senior Mantis team members and supported by an active journalist, the Mantis Media Training includes:

  • Pre-session research into attendee media knowledge and experience; customisation of training
  • Six-hour training session involving 5 spokespeople covering:
    • Personal objectives review
    • Changing media landscape
    • Media view on landscape
    • Source of the story
    • First round mock interview
    • Role of the agency
    • What to look out for
    • Second round mock interviews
    • Interview techniques
    • Charismatic, quotable and interesting
    • Preparation
    • Etiquette
    • Bridging
    • Final mock interview
    • Close 
  • Audio recording and or video recording of all mock interviews
  • A tailored training plan from Mantis covering strengths and weaknesses for each spokesperson
  • A copy of the Mantis training presentation

The Mantis Media Training costs £3600.00 (exe. VAT). To discuss your requirements with the team, please contact a member of the Mantis Public Relations team – either Gavin Loader, Eleanor Willock or Toby Gavin on 0845 299 0684 or email info at

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