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Mantis Social Media 101

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Twitter and LinkedIN training with Mantis

Launched in 2002 LinkedIN now boasts 200m users [as of 2013]. It has become a fantastic online networking tool for businesses. Similarly, Twitter was launched in 2006 and now boasts 500m registered users [as of 2012] and it is increasingly being used in a B2B environment.

Use of both tools is not plain sailing; social media users typically fall into one of five ‘lifecycle’ stages:

  • Ridiculer – the prospective user thinks that these technologies are silly
  • Controller – the prospective user has concerns about the use of the technology and avoids its use personally whilst controlling its use in the workplace
  • Experimenter – the new user begins to experiment and ‘try out’ social media tools
  • Adopter – use of social media becomes more frequent and regular
  • Committed user – the experienced user is now dedicated to using social media for work and or social life

If you, or your team, have reached the Experimenter or Adopter stages with LinkedIN and or Twitter then we can help improve your social media experience. Our Mantis Social Media 101 training is designed to help you get that little bit more from your current use of those networking tools. The practical hands-on session will help you build a profile, connect with other users and engage and interact on a more regular basis.

Our course covers:

Twitter 101:
What is twitter?
Managing your profile
What is 'following' and finding people to follow
Building lists of people to follow
Searching for interesting content, saving searches
Tweeting and re-tweeting interesting content
Using # hashtags to maximise Tweet ‘reach’
Sharing content from external sources [i.e. blog, website, etc]
Using twitter to direct followers to blog, website etc
Standing out from the crowd
Sync'ing Twitter and LinkedIN
Mobile Twitter [iPhone]
How can you support your employer?
What needs to be in a corporate / company social media policy?
LinkedIN 101 Building a profile; writing a worthwhile profile summary
Adding connections; searching for new connections
Asking for employment recommendations
Using LinkedIN for referrals; asking connections for referrals
Joining and using LinkedIN groups
Sharing content from external sources [i.e. blog, website, etc.]
Sync'ing LinkedIN and Twitter
Managing your LinkedIN mail digest
Building your own LinkedIN group
Trouble shooting
How can you support your employer?
What needs to be in a corporate / company social media policy?


Led by a senior Mantis team member, the Mantis Social Media 101 deliverables are:

  • Pre-session research into each attendee’s social media experience; customisation of training
  • Three-hour training session involving 5 people
  • The Mantis quick-help guide to Twitter and LinkedIN

Key takeaways:

  • Confidence in establishing your own online Twitter and LinkedIN presence
  • Successfully building your network of follower and connections
  • Successfully interacting and engaging with your followers
  • Solid foundation start using social media to deliver business benefit

As good Experimenters and Adopters, all attendees will need working LinkedIN and Twitter profiles and access to a laptop or equivalent for the session.

The Social Media Training costs £600.00 + VAT.

To discuss your specific requirements, please contact a member of the Mantis Public Relations team – either Gavin Loader, Eleanor Willock or Toby Gavin on 0845 299 0684 or email info at


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