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Mantis Perception Audit

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Stakeholder audit

The Mantis Stakeholder Perception Audit will help you to understand the overall impact of communications activities on the perception of your business. It focuses on those closest to the business, your internal and external stakeholders, for example staff, partners, customers, ex-customers.

The Audit will equip you with qualitative, factual and detailed information on the penetration of your brand descriptor, messaging, strengths and weaknesses.

Best performed annually, the Audit provides a rolling benchmark. The Mantis core account team, with support from Mantis’ Client Service Director, obtains information from around 20-30 ‘warm’ respondents using telephone interviews. The audit process will take 4-weeks and includes agreeing respondents, questions, completing the audit, analysing for trends and presenting results back to you and your team.

Mantis has recently completed Audits for more than 80 per cent of our clients including OCF, Updata, Blue Solutions, BlueWare and BridgeHead.

The Mantis Stakeholder Perception Audit is a considerable piece of research and costs £4000.00 (exc. VAT). To discuss your requirements with the team, please contact a member of the Mantis Public Relations team – either Gavin Loader, Eleanor Willock or Toby Gavin on 0845 299 0684 or email info at

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