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New client win for Mantis –

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The Mantis team will be joining the efforts to kick-start the UK’s employment market this summer following our appointment as launch agency for is a text message matching service, providing employers with access to a willing, qualified and available part-time and casual workforce within minutes of a position being created.


Its messages are simple: the UK’s employment problems can be addressed by accepting some fundamental social shifts. Firstly, that filling jobs via a channel that traditional, part-time workers such as students and migrant workers comfortably use, such as text messaging, will result in a better, keener, more responsive candidate. Secondly, that part time and casual work should not be regarded as something people do to get ‘real world’ experience – that it is the real world, and many take on part-time, short-notice and multi-disciplined ways of earning money as an active choice.

Mantis is working on a national and broadcast campaign, a launch to London’s varied media where has begun trading, and a vertical sector launch strategy covering the employment, personnel and retail publications. Our objective is to help take from 2,000 current registered potential employees to 20,000 and raise awareness of its service’s potential with UK employers. 

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