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New expert advisory panel for public sector tech suppliers

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The team at Mantis has taken a bold step this week. We’ve built our very own panel of experts to provide accurate, insightful and original market intelligence to tech firms selling to the public sector.

It will neatly compliment all of the additional market intelligence that we share with our clients. For example, our Mantis Market Intelligence quarterly issues curves, which help place where a company’s product or agenda is perfectly suited to the burning issues of that precise moment.

The Mantis Advisory Panel will add to our armory. We can now offer Pay-As-You-Go bespoke intelligence to support the market development, business development and marketing & communications activities of our clients.

Panel members will also be creating high-value whitepapers, briefing papers and other essential reading – couple of examples below:

Briefing paper, meeting the needs of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs). Authored by Roz Foad

Briefing paper, summary of local government attitudes to outsourcing and challenges for new market entrants. Authored by Robin Noble

The Panel comprises five individuals with hands on knowledge in primary healthcare and secondary healthcare, primary, secondary and higher education, and local government. It is a great bunch of characters with immense amounts of knowledge, experience and energy to share.

Left to right: Glyn Hayes (health informatics expert and former GP),  Robin Noble (former head of ICT and Kingston Council), Roz Foad (primary health informatics expert and former nurse), Richard Hadfield (education expert) and Ian Herbert (health informatics expert).

If you have an issue in the public sector that you’re struggling to understand, ask us the question and we can put it to the Panel. In the meantime, download our latest brochure to learn more.

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