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Nibbling the corner of Social Media Week London

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This morning I went to a talk on B2B social media communications, which was part of the excellent Social Media Week curated programme.

Important takeaways:

  • I am pretty rueful that I didn’t get to the other two Social Media Week events I meant to attend. Judging by the Twitter stream, they have been awesome – just search under #SMW
  • You can learn a lot, regardless of your business size, from much larger firms. They often envy your agility as a growing business – social media for UK Tech SMBs take note!
  • You look like a div these days if you are NOT live tweeting constantly at conferences. Sitting up and listening is no longer entirely acceptable, although this may just be at social media conferences

It was hosted by the lovely Catalysis (I can say that without looking like I am sucking up, I have two good friends who work there). About 50 curious b2b communicators crammed into the meeting room to compare notes on our social media strategies.

We had two very interesting speakers from CA Technologies and Polycom. Both large, global IT firms with an enviable grasp of, and crucially, enthusiasm for social media. I loved CAs approach to YouTube with around 30 channels, each for a specific part of their offering. The story and the strategy behind getting a quite traditional firm to get right into social stuff was impressive. I also loved the Polycom branded RSS deck for partners, to give them some added value, and I really liked their idea to link their branded marketing together through channels like YouTube and iPad apps so that sales teams are proud to use content as a tool.

Interesting questions were asked, about whether its worth having a vertical social media strategy (such as, if you target the medical and the local gov sectors, should you communicate specifically with each). The answer was mixed – unless you were communicating two direct or indirect channels, then woe betide if you get that wrong!

Sadly, nobody opened the secret box and told us the answer to the ‘measurement question’. I shall keenly await the golden ticket to that magnificent happening, which no doubt will be something like this minus the dodgy uniforms.

There are more SMW events in London tomorrow, some are accessible online, do go if you have the chance!

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