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On this day in History – Happy Birthday TG!

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By way of wishing our own Toby a happy birthday for today, instead of showering him with gifts and kind words, which he hates, I have put together a nice list of historical public sector and technology happenings which match his special day. 

Firstly, lucky for us, on January 9th 1799, William Pitt the Younger introduced Income Tax for the first time, to fund the Napoleonic War. 

Happily for money fans, pink reading material enthusiasts and to the dread of PRs everywhere, on this day in 1888, the London Financial Guide was launched. It became the Financial Times on February 13th of the same year. 

In 1972, British Miners began their first strike since 1926. Power cuts and much civil unrest was to follow. 

So, here we are in 2012 with income tax, financial woes and civil unrest all still current affairs. Happy Birthday Tobes! 

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