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Public Sector and Facebook – down with the kids?

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Over at blog The Ad Contrarian, a  great post examining the statistics showing who pays attention to Facebook advertising and who does the most ‘liking’ on the social network site. We think this is more solid evidence that B2B companies, and particularly those targeting the Public Sector, don’t need to be rushing to break out a branded Facebook page at the moment. Google gets a far better write up. 

An extract:

While consumers spend about 15% of their online time on Facebook, Facebook is only garnering about 6.4% of online ad dollars. There’s something very wrong here.

The numbers for Google, on the other hand, tell a much different story. People spend less than 4% of their online time on Google, but Google attracts (according to my calculations) about 44% of online ad dollars.

If you were to do an index of ad dollars per unit of time spent, Google is about 25 times more efficient at producing ad revenue than Facebook (also my calculation.)

This is not the only problem Facebook is facing. To a large degree, marketers evaluate the success of their Facebook efforts by “likeonomics“ i.e., the number of people who “like” them.

The issue here is that 2/3 of all the “liking” done on Facebook is done by people between 13 and 24 — in other words, people with no money. 

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