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Raising Verismic’s profile with Managed Service Providers and the UK IT Channel

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PR challenge

Verismic had been selling its device management cloud software, Cloud Management Suite, directly since its launch in early 2014. It had won new customers in the US and UK – firms with lots of staff in multiple locations with a complex mix of company and personally owned PCs and tablets in use. The software was helping those businesses to discover devices on the corporate network, manage and maintain them.

In early 2015, Verismic decided to build its UK channel to support its sales team, aiming to recruit 20 Managed Service Providers [MSPs] by the end of the year. For MSPs, Cloud Management Suite would enable them to replace traditional, costly ‘break and fix’ services, generate recurring revenue and reduce their time spent on-site.

Our existing PR campaign would need to be fine-tuned accordingly.


Our approach

We wanted MSPs to quickly become aware of Verismic and understand how Cloud Management Suite was different to competitor products; to understand that both the company and product could be trusted and would help them meet customer needs and reduce costs, and that the company was committed to the channel.

Verismic’s UK team was extremely busy trying to build the channel for Cloud Management Suite, so we knew we would need to work directly with the US team for comment, news and interviews to support our campaign.

The marketing team was also keen to see website hits to help lead generation and to maintain their well earned Google ranking, so online press coverage with links back to the Verismic website would be essential.


The campaign

We worked with the Verismic team to develop exclusive content for them – their brains with our content creation and editing power.

We used our existing relationships and understanding of the channel media to secure five press articles in channel media using byliners. We secured comment from Verismic in a further five feature articles; piggy-backing on existing, related issues that the media was already writing about – ie BYOD, shadow IT, software patching, Windows 10 updates, cloud tools suitable for the channel, etc.

We also managed to secure a regular monthly column in IT Channel Expert, publishing over four consecutive months, to discuss PC patch management and Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday updates. This would demonstrate Verismic’s knowledge of key issues facing MSPs and their customers.

To show Verismic’s commitment to the channel, we created an announcement revealing the firm’s plans to recruit 20 MSPs before year-end. Endorsed by a quote from one of Verismic’s newest MSPs, the team secured an exclusive article with ChannelPro.

Further to this, to add a face to the company, the team secured Q&A profiles with Verismic’s director of services in CRN and Microscope.

Finally, the team knew a customer, or MSP reference, would really help to demonstrate to other MSPs that Verismic and Cloud Management Suite could deliver. We worked with Verismic’s partner, Plan B to create a case study and secure press coverage in IT Channel Expert. Plan B was also referenced in one of the published byliners.

To underpin the whole campaign, we also secured an in-depth review of Cloud Management Suite with CloudPro, sister site of ChannelPro.

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