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Social media

We’re not going to promise you the Earth – just 10 clear ideas for how we can help you make the most of social media: 

  • Help you decide which social media network will be best for you, your team and company, be that Twitter, Google+, LinkedIN or all of them, based on greatest current use by your prospects and stakeholders
  • Keep you informed of the latest developments; the rise and fall of social media networks to ensure you stay a central part of all conversations
  • Help identify suitable people within your organization to manage your presence on social media networks depending on the audience – it could be you, customer services, marketing or sales.
  • Encourage social media participation by you and your teams
  • Supply you and your team with a stream of valuable content, which in turn, can be shared with your social networks. It could be anything from a pre-written Tweet to a blog post or a news item.
  • Work with you to share management of your presence on social media networks and tools – for example, ‘re-tweeting’ press coverage, hot news, and other tweets or updates. Following new people, joining Google+ circles, building LinkedIN forums and managing company profiles.
  • Building specific campaigns around certain themes, create content, manage presence on social media networks and track results
  • Measure the value you are gaining from using social media networks
  • Recommend ‘aggregation tools’ for all your social media needs –hootsuite for example

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