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Some Like It Hot – launching Mantis Market Intelligence

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Ideal PR springs from the place where a company’s product or agenda is perfectly suited to the burning issues of that precise moment.

Knowing what’s hot and what’s not in the issues space that surrounds you is crucial. Weak PR campaigns are based on tenuous topical links and same-y strategies. 

We’re launching Mantis Market Intelligence (MMI) this quarter, a client-specific look at the issues that are affecting their business and their influencers. It’ll highlight whether those issues are warm and emerging, current and hot, or cooling off and becoming less exciting to be associated with – a graphic representation and analysis of a quarter’s research by the Mantis team.

Each MMI will be both sector and client specific, informing the sales, marketing and development teams what their world is waiting for in terms of news, solutions and innovation, to help them remain at the top of the hot list themselves.

Added to our public sector technology PR experience and consultancy, we think the MMI provides our clients with the strongest chance possible of influence and industry leadership. 

Our clients are relevant and sharp responders – when it comes to issues, we know that some most definitely do like it hot!

Get in touch with me if you’d like to talk about seeing an issues curve created by us for your business. 

For a weekly look at some great, and some terrible issues-based PR stories, check out PR Moment’s Good and Bad PR page

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