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Stone Group launches Ultrabook™ with Windows 8

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NT 500 ultraportable notebook designed to combat education sector security risks is first high-end Stone device with Windows 8 available to schools & colleges

BETT, 30th January 2013 – Stone Group, the UK-based ICT services provider specifically for the public sector, today announced the launch of its NT 500 Ultrabook™, designed specifically for the education market.

The NT 500 provides teachers and students with a light, portable classroom device, with no compromise on battery life or functionality. The Ultrabook™ is the first high-end Windows 8 enabled device in Stone’s product portfolio.

Customers across the education sector can now purchase the NT 500 direct from Stone and benefit from its sleek and stylish design and the performance gains associated with the latest 3 Gen Intel Core™ i3 processors and SSD drives. A single charge of the device will see students and teachers enjoy upwards of 7 hours computing against the MobileMark® 2007standard. The device is aimed at schools and colleges looking for enhanced performance with the added benefit of an increased focus on device and personal security.

Anti Theft Technology

The NT 500 is equipped with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology to help protect data by disabling the Ultrabook™ if lost or stolen. This provides added security to devices that make the journey from home to school – and back again. This will help reduce theft within school-led 1:1 schemes or College and University campuses.

Intel identity protection technology

Stone’s Ultrabook™ features a tamper proof hardware level two-factor authentication process, which negates the need for smart cards or alternative costly solutions. This provides immediate support to further and higher education institutions that use two-factor authentication to connect to secure VPNs, making the NT 500 one of the simplest devices to use in digital, but secure learning environment.

The NT 500 Stone Ultrabook™ specification is customizable but includes:

·          Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro

·          3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i3-3271U Processor

·          14”” HD (1366×768) Slim 16:9 LED Display (Non-Gloss)

·          8GB 1333MHz DDR3

·          256GB SSD

·          DVDRW or Blu Ray

·          2MP Webcam

·          2 x USB 3.0

·          TPM (Trusted Platform Module)

·          3 Year Battery and Power Supply Warranty

·          Up to 5 Years On Site Warranty

“BETT is the best place to launch our first Windows 8 device and Ultrabook model,” commented Simon Harbridge, CEO at Stone Group. “We’re really keen to hear our customers’ plans for Windows 8 in their classrooms, so want to encourage them to come down to the stand and see our Ultrabook in action. It’s slick design and the added peace of mind provided by the enhanced security features is vital for our customers and really makes the NT 500 a stand out product.”

The NT 500 Ultrabook is available from Stone Group and can be viewed and demonstrated on Stone’s stand (c70) at BETT 2013.

Please visit for more information.

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