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Toby Gavin

Toby Gavin

Toby Gavin, Managing Director

LinkedIn_logoTwitter_buttonToby is jointly responsible for all operations of Mantis. His strengths lie in leading our team to service clients with energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude.

Toby co-developed the Mantis Advisory Panel – a collection of industry experts – which are available to provide you with essential business development, market development and marketing level intelligence.

He was also responsible for the joint development of the Mantis Perception Audit and Mantis Market Awareness Survey to measure the true business value of the PR campaigns that we deliver for you.

Toby is passionate about routing out, building and maintaining relationships with media, analysts, trade associations, senior civil servants and other industry advocates that are important to you. He wants your PR campaign to succeed.

Toby draws on nearly 15-years combined B2B technology Public Relations experience, including 6 years of dedicated public sector technology experience.

Toby has previously held roles with international tech PR agency, Text 100 and European tech PR agency, Euro PR Group. Toby holds a degree in media and communication studies from the University of Loughborough.

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