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Universal Credit – who should be making IT happen? – a roundtable debate

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Technology availability and adoption is arguably the most sizeable barrier for the Universal Credit scheme to cross

The Government’s Universal Credit scheme could be one of the UK’s most effective enablers of digital citizenship. But without universal secure internet access, worries about basic IT literacy and a reliable payment system, how will it happen? What needs to be done to make the scheme work for those it’s designed to help? Who is responsible for driving the change?

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Stone Group is the host of the roundtable, which is aiming to help get a consensus on which aspects of the project should be prioritised, and who should be accountable for their success.

Stone Group is the largest UK manufacturer of IT specifically for the public sector. Stone also has a computer recycling service, which will be supplying reconditioned computers to citizens through low-cost partnership schemes with local authorities and housing associations. 

Note: this is an invite only event, please contact the organisers for more details

Participants from organisations which are acting as stakeholders in the Universal Credit scheme are joining us at the Haymarket Hotel, including:

  • Family and social charities and pressure groups looking for feasibility, fairness and the acknowledgement of problems for vulnerable claimants
  • Housing associations, groups and representatives looking at securing the best possible outcome for tenants across all social spectrums
  • Government and local government consultancies which help their clients demonstrate progress on their plans to encourage residents online and make their own technical provisions for the changes
  • Digital inclusion groups hoping for a significant advance in online citizenship
  • Technology firms preparing to supply the necessary hardware and services to make the scheme work from both a back and front office perspective


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2 comments for “Universal Credit – who should be making IT happen? – a roundtable debate

  1. Ben
    February 19, 2013 at 5:27 pm

    Hi there
    Is anyone from Age UK attending?
    thank you

  2. eleanor giles
    February 19, 2013 at 5:47 pm

    Hi Ben, nobody from Age UK is attending, but they are most welcome. If you have someone in mind please drop us a line. Thanks, Eleanor

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