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What’s hot in August

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Public sector tech headlines in August

Public sector tech headlines in August

Each month, we take a look at a handful of really great media to see what public sector tech topics are being written about, and which stories are being shared most on social media. The word cloud above is a summary of all the major headlines from August – and its pretty clear to see the movements and departures from the Government Digital Services team, not least Mike Bracken, is stealing the limelight.

Other useful stats:

Stories by sector: Whitehall 18, Health 11, Local 9, GDS 6, Public Sector 6, Police 1, Academia 1

Top 5 stories most shared on social media as of 31st August:

Most shared site: Guardian Public leaders 1255 shares, ComputerWorld 1071 shares; Information Age 719 shares

Themes behind the headlines - in august

Themes behind the headlines – in August

We also looked at the themes behind the headlines, which provides an interesting slant on the results. Although, the movements at GDS received lots of headlines and social shares during August, the word ‘data’ also displayed prominently. When we really interrogated the themes being written about – see cloud above -data, open data and data privacy are all very prominent.

Full headlines and social shares:

Media site Headline Social shares Primary theme Sector
ComputerWorld Mass exodus at GDS a week after Mike Bracken steps down 992 People GDS
Guardian Public Leaders /Tech 10 steps to build a smart city 759 Smart cities/data Public sector
Information Age Government relaxes student loan access to help boost STEM skills 320 Skills Whitehall
Guardian Public Leaders /Tech A smarter, more digital world must grasp the power of a map 281 Smart cities/data Public sector
Guardian Public Leaders /Tech Who will lead the push to a smarter way of life in cities? 215 Smart cities/data Public sector
Information Age On the frontline: government and the fight against cybercrime 160 Security Whitehall
V3 Newcastle City Council adopts the cloud with Office 365 and Azure 151 Cloud Local government
Information Age Top tips for UK healthcare organisations to get a dose of the cloud 138 Cloud Health
Ukauthority Smart cities need open data 113 Open data Public sector
Information Age How data can reduce the burden of diabetes treatment on the NHS 101 Open data Health
V3 UK government signs three-year licensing deal with Oracle 97 Cloud Whitehall
ComputerWorld UK government reportedly working to end its reliance on Oracle 79 Cloud Whitehall
Cloud Pro 85% of public sector ‘are now using public cloud’ 77 Cloud Public sector
Digital by Default Is your organisation geared up for digital? 69 Digital Public sector
V3 UK councils suffer over 4,000 sensitive data breaches in three years 65 Data privacy Local government
Digitalhealth.net DH refuses to release IT savings report 48 FOI Act Health
Digital by Default Privacy officer role created for GOV.UK Verify 46 Data privacy GDS
Digital by Default Mike Bracken unexpectedly leaves government post 46 Data privacy GDS
Digital by Default Government launches Troubled Families data sharing project 44 Data privacy Whitehall
Digital by Default Bracken reveals reasons for leaving GDS 42 Data privacy GDS
Register Met Police to slash hundreds of IT jobs, hands £216m outsourcing gig to Steria 40 People Police
Digitalhealth.net Tech support offered to vanguards 39 NHS vanguards Health
Ukauthority Public data providers feel chill of competition 32 Public data Whitehall
Digitalhealth.net Public backs but doesn’t use digi health 28 Digital health Health
National Health Executive Soon ‘digital healthcare’ will just be ‘healthcare’ 27 Digital health Health
Ukauthority Scotland gives open data a push 26 Open data Whitehall
Digitalhealth.net St George’s first with the NEWS 23 EPR Health
V3 G-Cloud sales hit £696m, with 60 percent going to SMBs 22 cloud Local government
TechWeekEurope Government Advisory Board To Review Open Internet Code Of Practice 21 Broadband Whitehall
Ukauthority Battle lines form over digital courts 19 Digital transformation Whitehall
Digitalhealth.net Barts cancer patients use Skype 19 Remote patient monitoring Health
V3 Camden and Islington councils propose shared IT team to save £4m a year 17 data sharing Local government
Ukauthority DCLG plans data matching for Troubled Families 15 Data privacy Whitehall
TechWeekEurope GDS Appoints New Head Amid Further Departures 13 People GDS
National Health Executive NHS must cut services or start charging to stay afloat – CIPFA 13 Cost saving Health
National Health Executive The roadmap to successful clinical information system procurement 13 Procurement Health
TechWeekEurope Local Councils Cannot ‘Guarantee’ Your Personal Data Is Safe 12 Data privacy Local Government
TechWeekEurope Scottish Government Offers £9m For Community Broadband Projects 11 Broadband Whitehall
TechWeekEurope Local Authorities Start Planning How To Spend £129m BT BDUK Refund 11 Broadband Local Government
Register Whitehall IT running costs creep up again to £4.6bn 10 Costs Whitehall
Register Former GDS chief Mike Bracken joins Crystal Methodist’s old firm 9 Skills GDS
Register UK.gov: Size matters, and we like it SMALL but MORE 6 SMB Whitehall
Cloud Pro Figshare launches academic research platform 5 Open data Academia
Register City of Edinburgh Council in £186m outsourcer swap 5 Outsourcing Local Government
Miicroscope Government saves the taxpayer £18.6bn in 2014/2015 4 Cost saving Whitehall
Miicroscope PM unveils plans to boost apprenticeships 2 Skills Whitehall
National Health Executive Kelsey attempts to dispel GP data privacy fears 1 Data privacy Health
Public Finance Whitehall to spend more with SMEs, Hancock announces 1 SMBs Whitehall
Public Finance Whitehall communications spending cut by £1bn over last five years 2 Cost saving Whitehall
Public Finance Councils’ data handling is ‘shockingly lax’, says campaigners 3 Data privacy Local government
Adjacent Gov Councils responsible for thousands of data breaches 2 Data privacy Local government
Adjacent Gov Government announces new target to help small businesses 3 SMBs Whitehall
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